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Thread: Contest in the air or deliberately knocked dead

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    Default Re: Contest in the air or deliberately knocked dead

    Quote Originally Posted by beckett50 View Post
    One hand in the air shows little intention to catch the ball, but to disrupt the actions of the Red player.
    but that in itself is not illegal - if a one handed tap out of red's hands that doesn't go forward, doesn't physically impede/challenge red in the air etc, and doesn't go dead (eg a defender touched it down, or grabbed it, ran the length of the field and scored etc) there would be no illegality. So a one handed effort is no more indicative of illegality, than a two handed flap is that deliberately knocks the ball dead that also takes red out in the air and causes him to land on his head which would be illegal.


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    Default Re: Contest in the air or deliberately knocked dead

    You are always permitted to contest possession.
    Because it is a contest in the air, neither play could know exactly wehere the ball would end up.
    So I cannot say 100% he deliberately knocked the ball dead.
    Therefore for me it is play on, no try 22DO.

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    Default Re: Contest in the air or deliberately knocked dead

    You would have to see it to give a definitive opinion. However unless you are able to say that he deliberately knocked it dead, it's a 22 DO.

    What you describe sounds like a legal contest of the ball which resulted in it going dead. It sounds like he lacked the necessary mens rea for a Penalty. A player is not offending if he is just reckless as to whether the ball might go dead.
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