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Thread: Coronavirus Impact

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jarrod Burton View Post
    ...Both of us have been tested...

    Tested? What's that? Unless you're a Prince or a PM with "mild" symptoms!
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    Sunday 29/3 and Day 11 of coronavirus. We think our son has turned the corner 🙏

    He was given medicine (for patients with pneumonia) and tablets by the fantastic NHS
    and yesterday he drank a litre of Gatorade (electrolytes) and kept it all down. Understandably still very tired but fever, temperature, aching and "banging" headache have gone.

    He cooked himself some baked beans last night but couldn't eat because he kept coughing!

    He said he has lost 7.5 kilo (1 stone) but doesnt recommend this diet to anyone!

    Stay safe all and hopefully we will be back out on the pitch in September 2020.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blackberry View Post
    Re: Comments about Salisbury Plain et al

    "Work at Porton Down, Make New Friends"
    Remember doing my NBCDO Course right next door. An interesting place

    "Listen, or your tongue will make you deaf" Native American Proverb


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