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Thread: What can you do with the ball after the mark?

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    Default What can you do with the ball after the mark?

    Can't remember the player but there was an incident yesterday that just looked wrong to me.
    Player called a fair mark but then just put the ball down and waited for his team to get back on side.
    Now we all know the player who calls the mark must take it however I always assumed that the player had to keep hold of the ball not put it on the floor effectively wasting time.
    Nothing in the good book to clarify this.
    Any thoughts?
    Ciaran Trainor

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    Default Re: What can you do with the ball after the mark?

    Seem to remember that....personally I wouldn't have an issue with it provided it wasn't blatantly designed to waste time in which case I would deal with it as I would any other time wasting!
    Can't specifically recall what exact sequence was as I wasn't particularly paying attention. ...but was the ball actually kicked prior to playing it or just lifted and passed etc......presumably it was appropriately kicked. Often in the sticks I would see a penalty being taken in this manner ie not actually kicked correctly! !

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    Default Re: What can you do with the ball after the mark?

    Would seem to me to be a very sensible move to indicate that the player is not making any move that can be interpreted to be 'advancing to kick' (because of course that's when the opposition can advance inside the 10m) - see last week. Even though the FK must be taken 'without delay', it is custom that the kicking team are allowed to retire behind the mark. If I thought that there was time wasting, then I would react to that, e.g. "10 secs to take the kick captain".
    Be reasonable - do it my way.

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