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Thread: Thank God! At last Nigel Owens enforces (Caterpillar) Law - Use it

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    Default Re: Thank God! At last Nigel Owens enforces (Caterpillar) Law - Use it

    Quote Originally Posted by Dickie E View Post

    Here is the clip

    Is saying "use that please" the same as "use it" to a non-English speaking player?

    Note: this is a general, not a specific, question. I don't know who the Racing SH is so an answer of "that's Fred Bloggs, he used to play for Harlequins" isn't what I'm looking for.

    In the same way as "crouch, bind, set", is "use it" a prescribed phrase or are variations such as "play it", "there it is", "get on with it", "that's playable", etc allowable?
    DEfinately stick to the "legal" phrasing. We can expect non English speakers to learn the jargon of rugby. We should not expect them to learn personalised phrasing of referees.

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    Default Re: Thank God! At last Nigel Owens enforces (Caterpillar) Law - Use it

    This reminds me of the problems of expecting referees to use foreign languages.

    Munster were playing a French team, and at a ruck the (world famous) referee shouted "Laissez, Rouge!" (He should, of course, have said "Lâchez"). Unfortunately Rouge = red ie Munster. The French knew Munster were being told to release, and Munster thought the French were being warned because the referee was speaking French.
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