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Thread: Eng v Ire queries

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    Default Eng v Ire queries

    match video =

    I've some queries if you guys could clarify, for my better appreciation etc. The times are approximate game clock times

    27th minute, lineout.
    Launchbury knocks on at the lineout.
    There is a Green arm round his neck whilst he is in teh air still.

    the knock on is blown for but nobody seems to have an issue with the neck contact.

    Any thoughts why not?

    41 minutes - ireland lineout. lineout player #1 runs straight and directly to the rear two players to craete the pd - no problem with that but two other green players step away from the lineout to provide him direct access, then just stand there ie do not move towards the pod themselves. Isnt that leaving the lineout and subject to a PK?

    58 minutes, England lineout, mauled. its slow and ponderous and england end up turning over for held up etc ... But Healey just walks round the side of the maul seemingly at will and not really bound anywhere fully. He isnt the reason for the turnover so the walk round the maul is ignored, missed or just considered immaterial?




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    Default Re: Eng v Ire queries

    For me:

    1st lineout - the competition for the ball is over and Green's arms drop around White's neck, with no force applied. White not bothered either. No intent so in TV games let it go. At Community level, yes it could be blown if the referee thought that it would cause danger in the game if not stopped. But no pulling down, so first innocuous instance can be let go. At very least word afterwards to be careful.

    2nd: too many other things more important to worry about! The first man is possibly 50cm behind his line. The second seems to keep moving as if peeling to receive the ball if it came off the top. The line-out ends shortly after formation of the maul. Possession of the ball not affected. Play on, for the value of the game, every time.

    3rd: referee told Green 3 to 'keep his bind', which he did, with both arms, mostly. I don't see his right hand losing initial bind throughout, although he is on the blind side of both camera and referee. Clever! Notably he does not play at the ball; the front of the maul moves beyond him; his bind remains consistent as he 'closes the back door'. White ran out of players to bind on him and keep him out of the way. So: we assume that Green 3 joined it onside at the beginning (16.7a); he never leaves the maul (16.6); he remains bound to it, not just alongside (16.10); he doesn't try to collapse it or pull an opponent out (16.11). So what does he do wrong? You will find referees who penalise, or instruct 'retire', when they think they see players 'swimming' around the side of the maul. This is only correct if the players are changing their binding to enable that movement.
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