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Thread: Rolling Substitution Blue Card

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    Default Rolling Substitution Blue Card

    In the normal laws of the game Blood, Bin Replacement is not counted as a substitution. I believe the same applies to the Blue Carded player.

    If Rolling substitution is allowed.

    A maximum of 12 substitutions (Changes) per team per match shall be allowed using 12 substitution cards.

    Changes under this Law shall include blood replacements and injuries; indeed any time one player replaces another player from the same team other than front-row replacements required after a yellow card.

    Therefore if a blood replacement happens and the player returns it will be counted as two.

    Does a Blue card player count as replaced when rolling is allowed?
    What is the position when rolling subs are allowed for sevens?
    Vimal Perera

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    Default Re: Rolling Substitution Blue Card

    I think you need to check your local regualtions. We (WRU) don't us a "blue card" or, in general, rolling subs. I therefore, can offer nothing eccept ask your referees' department.

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