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Thread: wheeling scrums

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    Default Re: wheeling scrums

    I think it would be exceedingly rare for the team with the put in to wheel a scrum past 90* intentionally

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    Default Re: wheeling scrums

    Quote Originally Posted by Dickie E View Post
    During the game on Saturday I had maybe half a dozen resets for scrum wheeling through 90 degrees which is quite a lot.

    My perception was that both loose heads were stronger than both tight heads (hence the clockwise wheel) and nobody did anything illegal.

    Has anyone else any experience with this?
    If you think it is because two props are dominating the other two. Call the stronger ones out: "Look guys you two are far too strong for the LHPs / THPS. Nothing wrong with your scrummaging you're just too good for them. Can you both step off the gas a bit so we keep it straight or we will be resetting all day. No fun for anyone.

    Their egos gets a boost and you'll probably find they tone it down.

    Quote Originally Posted by Phil E View Post
    If one team gets the scrum moving straight forward and it then spins I would penalise the other team. (so reward them with a penalty).
    If they get it moving forward they have no reason to spin it (other than a little bit to shield the 8).
    But in this case there would usually be signs like the other team stepping out or the flankers pulling sideways.

    I may not be explaining this well??

    Only if there is an offence. "Penalise" the offender rather that "reward" anyone.

    There are a number of reasons why a scrum going forward would spin the scrum exposing the 10 to the back row as well as shielding the 8 and others, including "buying a PK". A couple of shoves and a turn, a few Penalties and under the posts with a possible card. Forwards are not stupid!

    Of course keep your eyes open for offences but a small push forward and then a turn does not mean the reterating scrum are illegal.
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