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Thread: AUS vs SA - Kolisi Card

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    Default AUS vs SA - Kolisi Card

    I'm surprised that this hasn't come up yet, but Kolisi's YC on the weekend had me a bit baffled as I had it as a Red after watching it at normal speed.

    Banks arms hit the ground first which likely saved him from a neck injury and I've had it in my head that the guidance is that the tipped player's actions to protect themselves should be ignored when considering which part of the body would have hit the ground first. Banks' upper body strength probably helped reduce the sanction against Kolisi.
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    Default Re: AUS vs SA - Kolisi Card

    Yeah, I had that as orange in my head and I wouldn't have faulted either decision.
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    Default Re: AUS vs SA - Kolisi Card

    should have been red, clear deliberate action with no mitigation but that's showbiz rugby for you
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